About Us

Exceeding Expectations

Our national network of industry leading metal service centers provides our customer-partners with quality processed carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, red metals, and manufactured metal components and expert engineering services. Metals service centers stock finished and unfinished products, and process those products to customer specifications, including custom lengths, widths, shapes and surface characteristics. We use specialized equipment to process the metals to meet the exact needs of our customers, and we deliver those products on time and done right. Let us exceed your expectations.

Our Leadership
Plates & Shapes Leadership Team

Jim Urban

President – Metals USA Plates and Shapes, Inc.

Frank Koons

Chief Operating Officer – Metals USA Plates and Shapes, Inc.


Flat Rolled Leadership Team

John Frazier

President – Metals USA Carbon Flat Rolled, Inc.

Chris Bantar

Chief Operating Officer – Metals USA Carbon Flat Rolled, Inc.

Dave Keessen

Director of Operations


Administrative Leadership Team

Randall Lapp

Director, HR & Corporate Communications


Division Leadership

David Carter

President, Port City Metals

Clint F. Lynch

General Manager, Lynch Metals


Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

In early 2013, Metals USA joined Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., family of companies as a wholly owned subsidiary and Reliance’s largest acquisition to date. Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. was started in 1939 and continued to grow and expand across the industry. After an IPO in 1994, Reliance continued its strategic growth in locations, product offerings, and customers. Reliance has continued to complete more than 75 acquisitions and has become the largest metals service center in North America. Through a network of more than 315 locations in 40 states and twelve countries outside of the United States, Reliance provides over 100,000 metals products and value-added metals processing services; to more than 125,000 customers in a broad range of industries. Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. is a Fortune 500 company and has been named to the Fortune list of “The World’s Most Admired Companies” since 2007.